True Orthophoto

The main difference between the true orthophoto and the conventional one is that there is no tilting of the building. This ensures optimum ground visibility, as there are no dead spaces.

To create orthophotos, however, a higher overlap of at least 80/60 % is required during the image flight. This results in larger data volumes and, due to the higher transverse overlap, higher flight costs.

We create our high-quality true orthophotos using the software SURE of the company nFrames or by means of UltraMap from Vexcel Imaging.
During TOP creation, building and terrain corrections in the old town, correction of artifacts, vegetation corrections and water corrections are carried out. The most important foundations for a successful True DOP project are the image data and its overdetermination, good aerotriangulation and careful quality control.

We work closely with both manufacturers to optimize the process of creating true orthophotos.