True Orthophoto

The main difference between the real orthophoto and the conventional orthophoto is that there is no tilting of the buildings. This ensures optimal visibility of the terrain, as there are no blind spots.

However, to create orthophotos a higher overlap is necessary- min. 80/60, for conventional orthophoto 60/30 is sufficient. This results in larger data volumes and due to the higher cross overlap also a higher flight effort.

In 2015, we produced our first high-quality true orthophotos with the software 'SURE' from the company nFrames, with extensive corrections of buildings and terrain in the historic centre, correction of artefacts, vegetation corrections and corrections of water bodies. The most important foundations for a successful True DOP project are image data and their oversizing, good aerotriangulation and careful quality control.

Since 2014, we have been working closely with the nFrames team to optimise the True Orthophoto process.